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U04 Is Charisma Truly Moral?

“Charisma is the combination of dominance, desire to influence, self-confidence, and strong moral values” (PSY 533, 2017). “People who are regarded as successful charismatic leaders because of their positive, lasting impact on their followers” (PSY 533, 2017). These two sentences struck me as somehow off when I first read them. It seems as if they […]

Where is the Charisma? The Struggle for Female Leaders

Charismatic leaders are thought to have certain traits, but what exactly makes someone have charisma as a leader? “German sociologist Max Weber [defined charisma as] ‘Power legitimized on the basis of a leader’s exceptional personal qualities or the demonstration of extraordinary insight and accomplishment, which inspire loyalty and obedience from followers.’” (Winkler, 2016) Both women […]

PSY 533, Unit 04 Blog Post. Bernie Madoff: The Dark Side of Charisma.

At the peak of his success Bernie Madoff was described by friends as an honorable person; clients often referred to him as warm and charming; and colleagues called him a cherished mentor (Forbes, 2009). After graduating from Hofstra University, Bernie Madoff pursued his entrepreneurial interests eventually leading him to the start of his own firm, […]

Unit 4: Do certain personality traits create ethical leaders?

Are certain personality types more or less ethical? In attempting to better understand the traits included in the five factor model of personality, I extrapolated which traits would lead to ethical leadership behavior – purposely without doing research. The five factor model is the most widely accepted personality model and look at personality from five […]

UO4: The Psychology of Cult Leaders

David Koresh was the leader of the destructive Branch Davidians cult. On 19 April 1993, he and seventy-nine of his followers, including kids, died after a fiftyone-day siege with the FBI near the town of Waco, Texas.This event, also known as the “Waco Siege” is a reminder of how a dangerous leader can gather followers and […]

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