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Globalism and Food Manufacturing – An ethical look at Coca-Cola in Brazil

Food and Drink Manufacturing practices over the last century were rapidly changed and supposed to make food and drink production more efficient, and reach a larger global scale. These strides were supposed to have addressed issues of food scarcity, however new problems like “poverty, women’s rights, land grabs and climate change” have cropped up in […]

Hope You Don’t Own Stock in Wells Fargo!

In September of 2016 Well Fargo finally admitted to firing 5,300 employees that they say opened fraudulent accounts and proceeded to apologize for those employee’s behavior.  Did anyone sound the alarm to management at Wells Fargo to let senior management know what was happening?  Why yes, a few brave employees did so, and were swiftly […]

Unit 05: Hawaii–The Multicultural Island

Hawaii is a popular place for many people to visit during the summer. This island is known for its delicious food, beautiful beaches, and wonderful weather. It is everything to look for in a relaxing getaway. Hawaii not only attracts domestic travelers, it also attracts many international travelers as well. Many people from Japan, Korea, […]

Unit 05 – Groupthink: Is Your Organization’s Ethical Climate Desensitized to the Potential Benefits of Culture and Diversity in Decision-Making?

Ethics and Leadership Lecture reflects that multiculturalism can be beneficial for organizations as it has been shown to “increase diversity of ideas, which creates a broader range of solutions to issues, in turn increasing the likelihood that the best solution is found” (PSY-533, Lesson 12, 2017).  Yet, the average workplace environment is overloaded with mixed […]

Unit 05: From Groupthink to Fake Policies

Individuals in every academic major in higher education or professionals in the workplace acknowledge how challenging group projects can be, and even on a broader perspective, how complex group dynamics in general within any workplace can become. It takes a substantial amount of time and effort to ensure that all members of the group communicate effectively, hear each other’s ideas, and overall prosper […]

Unit 5: Teaching to a Global Community

One of globalism’s greatest side effects is the global approach to teaching. While many schools in the United States and in Europe still teach, especially history, from a mostly Euro-centric approach, the world is much bigger than Europe and many school systems around the world are realizing that to teach any subject requires perspectives in […]

Unit 5 : Leadership and Organizational Ethics

  Those in a leadership position continue to develop qualities, skills and characteristics applicable in their professional role. These traits are developed over time and become ongoing learned behaviors. Effective leaders have inherent traits and characteristics that are continually developed to improve on personal and professional growth. Traits such as” intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and […]

Unit 5: The Joys of Globalization

Globalization has brought many benefits to people around the world, in fact it is defined as “the connection of countries from around the world in many different domains such as economics, government, culture, and any other human idea or product (PSU 2017)”. It has brought about new technological, medical, educational, and or cultural advancements through […]

U05: Culture

Working for a big organization you get to work with many different people such as sex, ethnicity, race, and religion. Everyone is different and have different mind sets. Working for TD bank I got to meet and Indian male. He told me he worked for the same organization back in India. He explained how the […]

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