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Can Virtues Become Vices

Virture- moral excellence; goodness; righteousness. Vices- an immoral or evil habit or practice. Leadership and everything it means has been high of mind lately.  For the past 16 months I have had the great fortune of a wonderful CEO.  This woman is a wildly impressive leader.  As a female in the agriculture she has had […]

Unit 02 – Mixing Work and Pleasure; Potent Cocktail, or Explosive Substance?

We have all had, or know of, a horror story that has arisen from a workplace relationship! Cabin fever, jilted lovers and a rumor mill that is working overtime; should companies simply ban intimate employee relationships to prevent potential ethical scandals? “In today’s information-centric and collaborative workplace, employees inevitably interact and form connections with their […]

U01: Compassion: An Ethical Perspective

Concern, empathy, leniency, sensitivity, tolerance and humanity familiar words that make up the concept of compassion. Compassion or the lack of it is at the root of how we treat others, and a component of what we as human beings consider ethical. Ethical leadership is about a leader’s decisions and how those particular decisions affect […]

U01: Work/Life Balance: Does it really exist?

Everyone uses the term work/life balance; a lot of people will tell you it’s something that is important to them and is a major consideration when applying and interviewing for a new position. But does it really exist? In a world of constantly moving parts, access to information anytime, anywhere, and increased demands on ourselves […]

U01: The Ethical Dilemma of a Psychopath

  Recently, I was listening to popular podcast named Stuff You Should Know by Josh Clark, and Charles Wayne Bryant titled “How Psychopaths Work” and it immediately caught my attention. A psychopath, or a person with antisocial personality disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, exhibit tendencies to lie excessively, use […]

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