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Reminder about the Unit 5 Blog Post – Due by 9AM on Friday, December 1, 2017

This is a reminder to: ·         Make your Unit 5 Blog Post by 9AM on Friday, December 1, 2017. ·         Include “Unit 5” in your Blog Post title. ·         Use your blog as an opportunity to discuss how groups, individual cultural differences, and/or organizational climate can relate to leadership and ethics. ·         Comment on one […]

Strengths Not Weaknesses!

Personality and traits is one of the most interesting subjects to research. I love to learn why people behave they do. Personality “refers to an individual’s traits — or predispositions to behave in a particular way across situations” (Levy, 2013, p. 141). Traits are “people’s characteristic behaviors and conscious motives” (Myers, 2013, p. 574). One of my […]

U04 Skilled Motivation

My Background For the past 14 years, I have worked in multiple capacities in skilled labor. During my high school years, I worked in my father’s heating and cooling company as a “helper” for residential installation crews. This mostly entailed hauling equipment, such as furnaces and air conditioners, to the correct location and setting them. […]

U04: My Irish Leadership Experience

I was fortunate in my career to be part of a startup operations in Ireland.  Our team was tasked with hiring staff, teaching them our business practices and developing a management team.  Our organization made a commitment that the American staff would only be onsite for 18 months and then the Irish staff would be […]

Unit 04: The Introvert Leader

The leaders we have been taught about as we were growing up may include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Martin Luther King Jr. We may have been led to believe that these leaders demonstrated extrovert traits such as being extraordinary speakers, being socially active, outgoing or possibly being the most vocal. While these leadership traits […]

U04: Thoughts on the Dark Side of Charisma

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the idea of charisma this week, including my experience with individuals who could be described as charismatic. This idea of charisma — of having traits like assertiveness, dominance, self-confidence and charm, combined with a desire to influence and strong moral values (PSY 533, 2017) — seems to weave […]

U04 The Making Of A Leader

Many of us have heard the phrases:  He’s a born leader, she has what it takes to be a good leader, they would be great in that leadership role. These are not uncommon statements. Society often judges individuals to be leaders by outward appearances and decisions individuals have made. I am a child of the […]

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