Archive | November, 2017

Ethical Leadership: A Real Life Challenge

The past two weeks in my professional life have been difficult.  I am part of a project team responsible for implementing a human resource information system (HRIS) in our organization of more than seven hundred employees, the majority of whom have never used an HRIS before.  A major part of this implementation has been re-evaluating […]

U05: Ethical Climate and its effects on small groups.

According to PSY 533 (2017), the basic idea of ethical climate is that the environment within the organization not only allows ethical behavior but encourages it. That being said, some types of work climate provide psychological environments conducive to increased managerial job performance and satisfaction, especially when the climates are congruent with managerial needs (Downey, […]

U05: Being An Ethically Sound, Multicultural Organization Isn’t As Easy As You Think

When we hear words like “global economy” or “multicultural workforce” few of us realize the work that actually goes into being an ethically responsible organization that focuses on a multicultural workforce in a global economy. We assume that all we need to do is hire people from different countries and that makes us “multicultural” or […]

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