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Good Cop? Bad Cop?

A crisis is a “critical event or point of decision which, if not handled in an appropriate and timely manner (or if not handled at all), may turn into a disaster or catastrophe” (Crisis, n.d.). I had an employee who was very dominate, out spoken, detail orientated and good at what she did. She was combative and […]

U05; Ethical Climate; Lost in Translation

Ethical Climate Lost in Translation The understanding of ethics and how to implement a management model that creates a highly ethical organization should be the goal of any organization.  In many organizations Codes of Ethics, standards, behavior policies, laws, or beliefs are written, discussed or applied.  These documents are produced to direct or ensure that […]

Unit 05: Ethical Awareness in Social Media

In recent years, social media has been responsible for the worldwide rally to many global ethical dilemmas. With the rise of globalization, our access to different places in the world and cultures is virtually unlimited. The ease of which people can share exchange ideas, lend support to various causes, and access information is rapidly changing increasing human connectivity. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are utilized by the everyday person […]

U5: Harvey Weinstein’s Fall and the Domino Effect leading to Organizational Crisis

Over the past few weeks, an overflow of allegations have poured out against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, with the outcome of him getting fired from his own company. Years of power and fame have seemed to conceal Weinstein’s long-spanning history of misconduct again women. According to The Cut, some 29 women so far have shared […]

U05: Why do I like small work groups?

Large work team projects are horrible and tortuous for me! I am an introvert and find large work groups overwhelming and intimidating to me.  I often find myself wondering, why do they want to discuss the most mundane topics at great lengths?  Will anything be accomplished?  And, where’s the closest exit so I can get […]

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