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As explained in the assignment overview, the purpose of the class blog is to apply course concepts to real-world situations. Be sure to relate your discussion to both leadership ethics/ethical decision making and one or more of the major concepts discussed in the unit. For your Unit 1 Blog Post, examples of the topics include a/an:

  • Discussion of how a vice or giving into temptation negatively influenced a leader’s decisions (Lesson 2)
  • Analysis of a major leadership decision by applying one or more of the ethical frameworks discussed in Lesson 3
  • Examination of how an individual’s emotions or cognitions influenced his/her ethical decision-making (Lesson 4).

When writing your blog, provide enough detail about the situation for the class to understand the context, but put most of your effort into explaining how the unit concepts relate to the situation you select for discussion.

For your Unit 1 Blog Post:

  • Make your Unit 1 Blog Post by 9AM on Friday, February 9, 2018.
  • Include “Unit 1” in your Blog Post title.
  • Apply one or more of the major concepts from Unit 1 (Lesson 2 – Temptations/Vice; Lesson 3 – Ethical Theories/Frameworks; Lesson 4 – Cognitions/Emotions) to a real-life leadership ethics situation.
  • Comment on one of your peer’s Unit 1 posts by 9AM on Monday, February 12. (This blog site has been around for a while, so make sure you are commenting on the blog post from a peer from this semester or just look at the post date to make sure you are in the right section of the blog.)
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