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U01: Ethical Conundrum for the Non-Drinking Leader

Ethical Conundrum for the Non-Drinking Leader Business engagements involving alcohol sometimes present an environment ripe for ethical conflict.  Some cultures and business environments view alcohol abstinence as a risk, while some individuals maintain abstinence for a variety of reasons.  Each case has ethical implications.  This blog post shares some of my personal interactions on this […]

PSY 533 Unit 01 Blog: How to be an Ethical Leader When Vices and Temptations Play a Role in the Workplace

Leadership is a complex topic to grasp. Many people question what it takes to be a “good” leader, in fact the public has become fixated on finding an answer. Some believe there are skills one must possess, while others believe it’s all about the charisma, or personal appearance of the person. Whereas, others believe that […]

U01 Ethical Hacking?

The term hacker has changed radically over the years. The term “hacking” has been around since the advent of information technology, and subsequently our perception towards hackers has changed. With the proliferation of social media, hacking/hacker has developed somewhat of a negative connotation. Yet, what if we put the term, ‘ethical’ in front of hacker. […]

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