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Reminder about the Unit 5 Blog Post – Due by 9AM on Friday, April 20, 2018

Remember to: ·         Make your Unit 5 Blog Post by 9AM on Friday, April 20, 2018. ·         Include “Unit 5” in your Blog Post title. ·         Use your blog as an opportunity to discuss how groups, individual cultural differences, and/or organizational climate can relate to leadership and ethics. ·         Comment on one of your peer’s […]

U04: Personality and Leadership

Leaders are born, not made! Leaders are made, not born! Which side of the debate do you fall on? The idea that leaders are born is not necessarily true. I have been exposed to military leadership for almost sixteen years now, and have been placed in various leadership positions for almost fourteen years. In that […]

U4: Motivation and Leadership

U4: Motivation and Leadership     Motivation is one of the driving forces that leaders use to get employees excited and driven to complete their tasks or large projects.  “People may be primarily motivated by providing for themselves or those around them (needs), by what they are rewarded for (reinforcement), by a vision or target […]

Gender-Based Individual Differences in Linking The Big Five to Leadership Self-Efficacy

Personality traits have long been the study of psychologists and philosophers, dating back to Aristotle and even Confucius. Personality traits are observable patterns of behavior from which an individual’s motives may be inferred and from which future behavior may be predicted (Penn State, 2018). Personality traits also impact individual differences in motivation, decision-making, and perseverance […]

Ethically Fluid

A recent snow day gave me the opportunity to catch up on watching some of my favorite television shows sitting on my DVR.  The storyline on one of these shows was about a doctor who took it upon herself to harvest organs from children who died without getting parental consent, all in the name of […]

U04: The Angry Black Woman

African American women have been portrayed and targeted as animalistic, quick-tempered and angry. These personality descriptions are stereotypically targeting a group of people; black women. These stereotypes are depicted in movies, the media and advertisements. In some cases, the “Angry Black Woman” is a person to be feared or used as a means to cause […]

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