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U05: How Can a Personal Ethical Climate and Code Effect Decision Making?

Some of the most challenging ethical issues are the subtle infringements in the “grey area” of right and wrong.  Issues like embezzlement, copyright and patent theft, withholding pertinent information and providing errant advice are often easy cases to discern without a lot of analysis.  But how do we perceive completely socially-acceptable opportunities that run across […]

U05 Blog: Who is to Blame for Gender Discrimination in the Hiring Procress: the Interviewer or the Ethical Climate of all Employees of the Organization?

Gender discrimination is one of the oldest and most common diversity issues related in the workplace. Men versus women. The battle of the sexes. Society has made numerous advancements over time, though individuals are continuing to use gender to define what is “feminine” work and what is “masculine” work. This all came about with the […]

U05: Seeking Global Common Ground

The world is more interconnected than at any time in its past. Multinational businesses have contributed to this as their tentacles reach into almost every land and culture on the planet. Perhaps this interconnectedness has done more to prevent war than the so-called Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) philosophy that has held this credit during the […]

U05: Cultural Differences in the Work Place

Today companies are trading and working with corporations from around the world.  “Globalism or globalization is the connection of countries from around the world in many different domains such as economics, government, culture, and any other human idea or product” (PSY 533, 2018). With globalization, businesses need to pay close attention to traditions in the countries that they […]

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