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U05 Working, Hard, Harder, or Smarter?

I came across an article that suggest several ideas in regards to why we work so hard?  Ideas included childhood, that we “were taught what is right vs. wrong” (Hilgendorff, 2014)  and that family and environment is what aided our desires and decisions. In addition, the article shares that individuals are programmed to think working […]

Unit 5 Blog Post-Combatting Company Culture

Culture is an important factor in any situation. Whether it be language, organizational, nationality, or assumptions and beliefs, all play a crucial role in how one operates. Being cognizant and respectful of cultures outside of one’s own is pivotal to creating an environment that foster’s a positive ethical climate. John and Sally are the CEO’s […]

U05 Blog post – Cultural biases in healthcare – one example

When it comes to cultural differences in a healthcare setting, there are countless examples. Healthcare providers are humans, just like the patients, and have their own set of cultural norms, ethnic background and religious preferences. We have women who prefer to only see women doctors. We have “old fashioned” women who only trust male doctors. We […]

U05 Double Standard

U05 Blog The private high school I work at has a significant population of international students, most of which come from Asia. They bring a unique approach to academics and increase our diversity awareness. They willingly share their culture and offer a different view point of ours. One of the major differences between our culture […]

Multiculturalism – will it exist?

All through my German liberal arts education, I have been taught to avoid the word ‘culture’. I was told just not use it at all cost as that word is one of the easiest excuses to discriminate. “It is just their culture – to be violent”; “Being rude to women is accepted in their culture” […]

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