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U02: Ethics in All Things

Recently, a Virginia based college has come under fire for troubling leadership practices.  Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC) polled faculty and staff which revealed a concerning direction senior leadership is taking.  The survey found that the staff felt there was “little communication, and when there is, it’s impersonal, faculty and staff aren’t involved in initiatives […]

U01: Substances and Studying

College students today face intense pressure, pressure to fit in, to maintain relationships, to make their parents proud, to succeed, etc.  Sometimes the pressure can be too much, and students turn to various vices and/or give into different temptations. Consider Marie, the nursing student who is taking a full course load while trying to work […]

U01: Affirmative Action

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, affirmative action is defined as “an active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women” (Merriam-Webster). The intent of affirmative action seems to be a sound, ethical decision to allow minority groups the opportunities that otherwise would not be afforded to them such […]

Vices and Temptations in the Catholic Church

Vices and virtues balance one another. For every virtue an an individual possesses, they most likely have an opposite vice (Kristjánsson, 2013). Vices can be categorized as traits or weaknesses that might lead an individual to make poor ethical decisions. Everyone is guilty of possessing vices or weaknesses, but temptations are what lead us to […]

U01 Blog: One More for The Road

  When words such as “vice” and “temptation” are thrown about in conversation, comical pictures of the proverbial angel and devil sitting on the shoulders of the “temptee” may come to mind.  The angel whispers sweet reminders of goodness while the little devil prods happily with promises of “it’s just this once” or “you will […]

U01: The Impact of Physical Restraint Practices on Youth in Residential Facilities

There are several factors associated with the use of intrusive measures at residential facilities for children and youth with and without psychological and developmental disabilities. In the context of residential juvenile youth facilities, there has been a gradual move towards the recognition of resident autonomy. This has led to the discussion of when it is […]

U01: Enron’s Slippery Ethical Slope

The demands on today’s corporations underline the necessity of establishing and maintaining strong ethical leaders and practices to foster sustainability and longevity. One such example of the disastrous consequences of neglecting ethical considerations is the meteoric rise and calamitous fall of Jeff Skilling, CEO, and his company, Enron. Screaming growth and soaring profits along with […]

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