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Trading Ethics for Wins…How Ohio State Got it Wrong with Urban Meyer

Ethics is defined as the types of values and morals an individual or society finds desirable or appropriate (Northouse, 2018).  These values and internal motives are what drive an individual to behave in a particular manner and the decisions they make.  Ethical leadership aims to explain a leader’s decision-making process and how those decisions impact […]

Unit 2: Ethics in Academia

In July of 2018 the third Dartmouth College professor being investigated for sexual misconduct resigned (Fernandes, 2018). William H. Kelley’s resignation followed Todd Heatherton’s retirement and Paul J. Whalen’s resignation almost a year after the men were placed on paid administrative leave pending the conclusion of the school’s investigation. Additionally, the professors are subject to […]

U01: Safe Injection Facilities

Throughout the past 18 years over 500,000 people have died from overdose in the United states, and nearly 800,000 people are currently addicted to opioids (Whiting, Wu, & Andrews, 2017). Ten countries including Canada, Australia and Vancouver have introduced Safe Injection Facilities (SIFs) to their communities to combat the spread of disease, infection and reduce […]

High Times With Elon Musk…….

In today’s society, is the use of recreational marijuana considered to be an unethical practice?  A quick Google search on the topic will reveal that the overwhelming majority do not consider it to be unethical.  However, does the ethicality of the act change given the social status and corporate responsibility/obligations of an individual? On September […]

An ever-changing world begs the question : How are leaders reevaluating their leadership through these changes?

As I was researching topics for this blog I came across an interesting New York Times article titled: “The Question We Must Keep Asking: We can only define ourselves by continually re-evaluating our humanness” (Weiwei, 2018). What a concept of re-evaluating our “humanness”, I thought to myself. As I begin to think about this idea it […]

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