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U05: Workplace Deviance and Ethical Climate

Having recently been promoted to a manager’s position within the past year, I am quickly learning how deviant workplace behaviors have an impact on the perceived ethical climate of the facility. A recent article by Mathur, Banerjee, Sharma, and Kaur (2018) revealed that the behavior of the employees “always” affects the climate of the organization. […]

U05: Chipotle’s Reaction

The video went viral, another instance of racism against black people when a Chipotle manager, Dominique Moran, demanded a group of African Americans to pay before ordering, contrary to Chipotle’s standard practice of customers paying after they order. The crisis occurred on a Thursday, and by Friday, the manager was fired. In today’s racially charged […]

Unit 05: How Ethical Leaders Influence Unethical Outcomes

Two of the most egregious corporate scandals of the 21st century resulted from unethical decision making based on unrealistic leaderships expectations.  In September of 2015, the Volkswagen emissions scandal unfolded and in September of the following year, Wells Fargo was fined for fraudulently creating over two million fake bank accounts.  Although the specifics of each […]

U05: Solving A Crisis With An Ethical, Social, And Global Solution

There are times in every company’s lifespan that a crisis must be faced. Whether it is cashflow, human resources, public relations, or a myriad of other issues, there is always some “critical event… which, if not handled in an appropriate and timely manner… may turn into a disaster or catastrophe” (PSU, 2018a). While everything seems […]

U05 – A Climate of Crises

What if the climate and culture at your organization was one of chaos and crisis?   Organizational culture is defined by the underlying values that drive the behaviors within an organization (PSU, 2018, L13).  But, what if that culture revolves around periods of complete crises and chaos?  A crisis can be defined as a critical point […]

U5: The Marriage of Two Cultures

Culture can define a person. Their morals, values, customs, and even mannerisms can be heavily influenced by where a person is from, and what the societal norm was during that time.My mother is from a small village in Greece, and my father was born in Baltimore, and was brought up practicing Judaism.  This combination caused a […]

Unit 05 Blog Post: Cutbacks in Workforce Leads to Negative Ethical Work Climate at DJD Wholesale

Over the past two years, top-level leaders at DJD Wholesale have made the decision to decrease the overall workforce within the organization to increase profits for the organization while decreasing wages paid to employees.  While this decision has indeed benefited the organization in increasing its profit-margin, many employees at the warehouse level have become increasingly […]

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