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Unit 02: The Cost of Fame

When Jussie Smollett, a musician and popular actor on the hit television show ‘Empire’ reported that two men had attacked him by tying a rope around his neck while shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him, the media swarmed around the provocative story and supporters flocked to Smollett, on social media and other news outlets, […]

U02: PhRMA could use guidance from other organizations who support patients

If anyone knows anything about the pharmaceutical industry, they would certainly be aware that arguably the most notable controversy surrounding the industry is the price of their drugs. They are often accused of putting profits before cures and health (Quara, 2016). There are several reasonings behind this accusation; a popular one is: If they were […]

Unit 02: Confidentiality is everyone’s burden

I worked for an organization that hired psychologists to coach existing executives with specific development opportunities and conduct executive level candidate assessments. One psychologist, named Ben, had been in place for several years and had a good reputation for his sensitive and caring approach so when he introduced a fellow psychologist as his new business […]

U02: Armchair Physician

Mr. Hilton is a licensed chiropractor who was referred to me by my dentist.  Without going into the medical history, let’s just say this seemed logical at the time.   After a period of treatment, it was becoming clear that the treatment being prescribed by the chiropractor was one he was not very familiar with.  […]

U02: The Ethics of Social Media at Work

There are various codes of ethics geared towards certain professions, but these can be tailored to leadership and the workplace in most instances. Since ethics codes rely heavily on professional conduct and appropriate behavior, the basic standards are all similar in nature and revolve around fair treatment of others. The American Psychological Association (APA) Code […]

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