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Unit 04: Neuroticism, Openness, and Agreeableness in the workplace

Working in the health insurance industry has given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of interesting people from all walks of life – customer service, doctors, patients, teachers, motivational speakers – you name it and they all have individual differences. Individual differences include personality, motivation, intelligence, and biodata (PSU, 2019). In any setting, it is […]

High School Blues

As a child I went to private Catholic Schools my entire life until my senior year. My senior year, I moved to Pennsylvania and went to a public school. In a private school, we were required to wear uniforms. On our way to school, some took a public transportation, some were dropped off by their […]

Unit 4: Racism at workpalces

First year of work experience are not always easy! Young people graduate from universities and start applying for a related job in their field and most of the time they get an internship or assistant position for few months and then they get the position! When I moved here, In my first year experience as […]

Unit 04: Hitler’s Shadow

Lesson 08 delved into “individual differences”, the things that differentiate one person from another. It states that personality is the category that most psychologists think of when they are discussing individual differences. The lesson refers to personality as the “type” of person that we regard someone as. Motivation is described as why people do the […]

Unit 4 Blog: Narcissistic Leadership

Have you ever wondered why the term Napoleon Complex came to be following the tyranny of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was narcissistic and had overly grandiose beliefs and aggressive behavior. The thinking is that this was the direct result of his internal feelings of inferiority. The phrase Napoleon Complex was panned to describe someone that was […]

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