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U5: Fight or Flight

I am sure most of us have heard about the Boeing airplanes that have crashed within the last few months. According to Ellis, this is supposed to be due to the new system that Boeing introduced with the new planes engines called MCAS which stands for Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. Boeing was trying to compete […]

Unit 05: Groupthink in Nazi Germany

Groupthink is “a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members’ striving for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action” (PSU, 2019). Groupthink can have severe ethical consequences for the members of the group if their leadership is corrupt. Nazi […]

Communicating our Culture Dimensions during in an interview process might have helped us in finding new candidates

Early on in my career, approximately 20 years ago I would not have been able to accurately gauge what the organizational culture was for my overall company. However, from my point of view it was very clear to me what my departmental climate was compared to other departments I interacted with. We were relatively high […]

Culture in Small Military Units

I recently had the distinct pleasure of being temporary assigned with a battalion from the Army 3rd Special Forces Group (SFG) in Germany.  As an Air Force member this was a learning experience from day one and a life changing experience at day 180.  The culture of military units in general is something most organizations […]

U05: Ji and Me

When I was 28-years-old, I decided to go back to take some courses at a local college in order to dip my toes back in the academic water, so to speak. I was taking a sociology class that contained a large degree of group-work, and the group that was assigned would be the group you […]

U05 – VW’s Emission Controls (or lack thereof)

U05 – BLOG – VW’s Emission Controls (or lack thereof) By Victor J. Goncalves Leaders in organizations are responsible to drive success. Success can be interpreted in many forms but traditionally (and especially) in terms of for-profit business success is normally equivalent to financial growth and stability above all else. While financial prosperity is imperative […]

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