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Unit 05 America in the 1960’s-1970’s: The Counter Culture Movement

The 1960’s sparked an evolution of a culture movement that is still influential in today’s era. People of the Counter Culture movement had a mission to be more inclusive in fighting for underrepresented groups of people. The movement spanned from the 1960’s to the 1970’s and is still reminiscent currently. Many individuals think of the […]

U04: The Angry Black Woman

African American women have been portrayed and targeted as animalistic, quick-tempered and angry. These personality descriptions are stereotypically targeting a group of people; black women. These stereotypes are depicted in movies, the media and advertisements. In some cases, the “Angry Black Woman” is a person to be feared or used as a means to cause […]

U02: How Five Ethical Principles Could be the Answer to Societal Coexisting

The American Psychological Association Code of Ethics was designed to place a set of subjective standards for which psychologist to follow in order to uphold moral practices within the field. Within the scope of the Code of Ethics there are five distinct principles that support and guide the mission of the American Psychological Association. The five […]

U01: Ethical Leadership: An Approach to Appearance Standards

Racial divides are still very prevalent in the workplace. How leadership approaches these divides, ethically are under scrutiny. Some examples of these systematic divides can be found in companies appearance policies, that govern an employee’s clothing and hair choices. Appearance standards for employees cause discriminatory requests by employers that systemically affect multiracial employees. These appearance expectations […]

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