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U05: Ethics and Multiculturalism

                We now live in world where globalization has become commonplace.  Globalization is the “connection of countries from around the world in many different domains such as economics, government, culture, and any other human idea or product” (PSU, 2018).  As organizations expand their market reach, many are working with or merging with each other across […]

U04: Extroversion vs. Introversion in Leadership

When people think of leaders, they may tend to think of extroverted personalities that are constantly at the forefront of the action.  Boisterous leaders grab people’s attention due to their overt interactions with their subordinates or organizations.  They can be well liked and highly successful in their leadership endeavors.  Extraversion is part of the Five-Factor […]

U02: Ethics in All Things

Recently, a Virginia based college has come under fire for troubling leadership practices.  Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC) polled faculty and staff which revealed a concerning direction senior leadership is taking.  The survey found that the staff felt there was “little communication, and when there is, it’s impersonal, faculty and staff aren’t involved in initiatives […]

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