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Unit 05: Servant Leadership to Prevent Egotistical Ethical Climate?

With unethical climates popping up in what can seem like every industry and field, todays leaders, at least some, are scrambling to understand their organization’s climates and help them evolve into sustainable and ethical organizations. Rampant individualism and narrow self-focused perspectives are leading to company climates with inadvertently, “Look out for number one,” cultures leading […]

Unit 2: Yoga’s Code of Ethics

Yogic scholars suggest the practice of yoga, in any of its many forms, has been in existence for thousands of years (Bryant, 2009). With the increasing popularity and commercialization of yoga asana, or postures, in the western world over the past several decades, one could reasonably assume the yoga community in the United States developed, […]

U01: Enron’s Slippery Ethical Slope

The demands on today’s corporations underline the necessity of establishing and maintaining strong ethical leaders and practices to foster sustainability and longevity. One such example of the disastrous consequences of neglecting ethical considerations is the meteoric rise and calamitous fall of Jeff Skilling, CEO, and his company, Enron. Screaming growth and soaring profits along with […]

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