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L10 | Wendy Bell – Pittsburgh News Anchor Fired for Poor Choice of Words – Crisis of Ethical Proportion?

Background The Story Wendy Bell, a veteran news anchor at WTAE, one of the big-three television news outlets in Pittsburgh, was just fired for remarks she made little more than a week earlier in a facebook post under her news anchor facebook persona.  My husband and I saw the general manager of the news station […]

U04: L09 | Individual Differences and Personality of the Presidential Race

The last emphasis in Lesson 08 on individual differences claims that our biodata is “most relevant during hiring and promotion decisions” (Penn State University, 2016).  I find that quite interesting when applying that statement to the biggest job interview of them all – the impending vacancy of the president of the United States.  So, if the previous […]

PSY533 L03 | Ethical Theories | Abortion: Normative Ethical Perspectives on a Divisive Topic

The topic of normative ethics seemed to fill my mind with so many possibilities of potential topics to discuss, of interest to many people.  Topics of interest are:  abortion; euthanasia; stem cell research; in vitro fertilization; legal defense of known criminals/criminal activity; and the Hippocratic Oath related to abortion or euthanasia; etc.  However, for purposes […]

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