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U05: Individualism or Collectivism?

“In individualist cultures, individual uniqueness and self-determination is valued. A person is all the more admirable if they are a ‘self-made man’ or ‘makes up their own mind’ or show initiative or work well independently. Collectivist cultures, on the other hand, expect people to identify with and work well in groups which protect them in […]

Where is the Charisma? The Struggle for Female Leaders

Charismatic leaders are thought to have certain traits, but what exactly makes someone have charisma as a leader? “German sociologist Max Weber [defined charisma as] ‘Power legitimized on the basis of a leader’s exceptional personal qualities or the demonstration of extraordinary insight and accomplishment, which inspire loyalty and obedience from followers.’” (Winkler, 2016) Both women […]

U02: An Ethical Model for Businesses

Businesses and financial institutions would greatly benefit from having a general national code of ethics. For large business and financial institutions, ethical behavior can be a big problem and there are laws and codes of ethics within individual companies that should be followed, but all companies should follow certain principles of ethics and a national […]

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