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L10 Blog Post: How Well Does Penn State Leadership’s Handling of the Sandusky Scandal Align with the Nine Propositions from the Christensen/Kohls Theoretical Framework for Ethical Decision making during Organizational Crisis?

Penn State was long considered as the gold standard among other higher education institutions across the country in terms of academics and doing thing right way. However, when evidence came to light about a potential molestation cover-up among current and former members of the football coaching staff and possibly high-level administrators at the University, the […]

PSY533 L03: Unethical Leadership – Flint, Michigan

PSY 533_ L03: Unethical Leadership- Flint, Michigan David Mallen Flint, Michigan- The fallout from what is arguably one of the most devastating crises surrounding the mismanagement of natural resources continues to take form. Tens of thousands of residents, including upwards of 12,000 children, have been gradually exposed to water supplies that contain extremely high and […]

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