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U05: Workplace Deviance and Ethical Climate

Having recently been promoted to a manager’s position within the past year, I am quickly learning how deviant workplace behaviors have an impact on the perceived ethical climate of the facility. A recent article by Mathur, Banerjee, Sharma, and Kaur (2018) revealed that the behavior of the employees “always” affects the climate of the organization. […]

Microaggressions and Individual Differences

Over the past couple of months, a team was formed to identify the Cultural Competency of the office. The team was comprised of individuals from each department with diverse education, training, and experiences. The purpose of the group was to design a training for the leadership team of the office to promote cultural awareness when […]

U01: The Impact of Physical Restraint Practices on Youth in Residential Facilities

There are several factors associated with the use of intrusive measures at residential facilities for children and youth with and without psychological and developmental disabilities. In the context of residential juvenile youth facilities, there has been a gradual move towards the recognition of resident autonomy. This has led to the discussion of when it is […]

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