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Unit 5: The Leadership Challenge – Setting Ethical Standards of Behavior by Avoiding the Temptation of Oversimplification

A Cautionary Tale – How Not to Use Hofstede and Set An Example of Tolerance People like simple answers to complex questions. Our tendency to quickly arrive at an answer, an explanation, and/or a solution to a complex question, idea, or problem can often lead us down the wrong path. We are prone to heuristic […]

L09: Charisma, Machismo, and the Proverbial Glass Ceiling

The word “charisma” is loaded with innuendo. Especially within the context of leadership the word carries connotations of machismo.  The word  evokes images of images of  grand masculine figures. Looking through some of the common definitions, the word charisma includes character traits that are more readily categorized as male traits. Therefore, the notion of charismatic leadership […]

L04: Cognition, Leadership & Ethics – When an Employee’s Rock Bottom Breaks the Bottom Line

    “This is bad!” Brian said as he glared at his leadership team who had gathered around the conference table. “In fact, this is not just bad, but this is a major catastrophe. How could this happen under your ‘watchful’ eyes?” Brian drew air-quotes and there was noticeable disgust in his voice as he […]

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