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Organizational Climate

  On April 9, 2016, Georgia’s governor Nathan Deal vetoed the `religious liberty’ bill after many companies threaten to remove business out of Georgia if passed. The bill entitled an Act to protect religious freedoms: to amend Chapter 3 of Title 19 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. It simply details that Georgia businesses […]

L08 Leadership Individual Difference in Corporate World

Leadership Individual Difference in Corporate World   Individual difference is an ongoing topic that has been widely mention through history and still exist currently today.  The definition of individual difference is briefly define as the particular aspects of people that make them different from other people (Penn State 2016). Those aspects can range from gender, […]

L06:Ethics code in sports

  Throughout the years in the world of sports enhancement drugs has been an ongoing issue. Many professional athletes are being expose for the illegal use of enhancement drugs in major sports and colleges. Our society has questioned ethical codes in professional sports today as an ethical dilemma whereas many cannot recognize the dilemma. Athletes […]

PSY533 L02: Flint Unethical leadership

Thesis: The nation is placing high concern pertaining to Flint Michigan water contamination crisis and the ethics of govern leader within Flint Michigan. The residents of Flint Michigan were expose to high levels of harmful chemical byproduct and lead contamination from their water supply in which leadership neglected. Introduction: As we all are aware, the […]

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