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U5: Fight or Flight

I am sure most of us have heard about the Boeing airplanes that have crashed within the last few months. According to Ellis, this is supposed to be due to the new system that Boeing introduced with the new planes engines called MCAS which stands for Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. Boeing was trying to compete […]

High School Blues

As a child I went to private Catholic Schools my entire life until my senior year. My senior year, I moved to Pennsylvania and went to a public school. In a private school, we were required to wear uniforms. On our way to school, some took a public transportation, some were dropped off by their […]

U01: Should I Shut It Down

  I’m sure everyone by now has heard someone mention the recent government shut down. President Donald Trump had the government shut down in order to try to receive funding for having the wall that he wants built. However, this is not providing him with the results he intended. According to Trump Makes No Mention […]

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