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U05: Three people walk into a bar – one is American, one is Indian, and one is Russian…

Okay, this isn’t a bad joke based on stereotypes. Nor does this blog post take place in a bar. But it is an analysis of these three cultures working together in the workplace.  To begin, take a look at these three country’s culture scores according to Hofstede:   Power distance Individualism Masculinity Uncertainty Avoidance Long-term […]

Unit 4: Do certain personality traits create ethical leaders?

Are certain personality types more or less ethical? In attempting to better understand the traits included in the five factor model of personality, I extrapolated which traits would lead to ethical leadership behavior – purposely without doing research. The five factor model is the most widely accepted personality model and look at personality from five […]

Unit 1: Discussing Ethical Situations: Unethical?

Throughout the first four lessons of PSY 533, I’ve found myself in the occasional ethical conundrum – is talking about ethical dilemmas unethical? By discussing prior ethical (or unethical) situations I’ve witnessed in the workplace, am I violating my ethical obligations to the company’s I worked for when I experienced these situations? Am I “airing […]

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