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U05: Winter is Here

As the phenomenon that is GOT is approaching the end of the series, there are many opportunities presenting to study the change in dynamic of the show. One such analysis is that of the impact of the impending war on the ethical behavior of the characters.  The armies of the seven kingdoms are converging in […]

Unit 4 Blog: Narcissistic Leadership

Have you ever wondered why the term Napoleon Complex came to be following the tyranny of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was narcissistic and had overly grandiose beliefs and aggressive behavior. The thinking is that this was the direct result of his internal feelings of inferiority. The phrase Napoleon Complex was panned to describe someone that was […]

U02: The Ethics of Social Media at Work

There are various codes of ethics geared towards certain professions, but these can be tailored to leadership and the workplace in most instances. Since ethics codes rely heavily on professional conduct and appropriate behavior, the basic standards are all similar in nature and revolve around fair treatment of others. The American Psychological Association (APA) Code […]

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