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U05: Drinking Above the Standard

Being in the military the statement “leaders’ behaviors either endorse those values and culture or invalidate them” (PSU, 2016) couldn’t be more true. When a subordinate recognizes that they are being held to a higher standard while their superior isn’t quickly disrupts the military work place, especially a ship while on deployment. In 2013, while […]

The X-Factor

I am a member of an elite tactical community within the surface community of the US Navy; I am an Integrated Air and Missile Defense Warfare Tactics Instructor (IAMD WTI). For those of you who are not familiar with this, still developing, program compare it to Top Gun for Naval Fighter Pilots. Yes, I’m talking […]

U01: Upholding the Standard

As an Officer in the United States Navy, often I am called upon to uphold a standard in accordance with the rules and regulations. As many may know already, safety rules are typically a result of an accident or a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented. Onboard US Navy ships there is a program that […]

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