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U05: December 869, 2016

In late 2016, regardless of your political views, most Americans held one thing in common.  They were tired of hearing about the election.  They wanted it to be over already.  No one could have predicted it would still be the lead news story in 2019.  Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this story is the […]

U04: Your Baby is Ugly

Several years ago, the department I worked in, went through a significant alignment change.  There were three leaders responsible for initiating this change; two first line leaders who conducted research, gathered data, and made the recommendation, and the second line leader, Harry, who approved it.  Within the first week of implementation, Harry took it upon […]

U02: Armchair Physician

Mr. Hilton is a licensed chiropractor who was referred to me by my dentist.  Without going into the medical history, let’s just say this seemed logical at the time.   After a period of treatment, it was becoming clear that the treatment being prescribed by the chiropractor was one he was not very familiar with.  […]

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