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Ethics as an Obligation

My work as a business instructor in a career college is never short of fulfilling.  Our typical student is one who, for whatever reason, decided not to attend a traditional academic institution.  Typically, our students come from lower socioeconomic standing and have more than their share of personal baggage that weighs them down.  The instructors […]

Ethically Fluid

A recent snow day gave me the opportunity to catch up on watching some of my favorite television shows sitting on my DVR.  The storyline on one of these shows was about a doctor who took it upon herself to harvest organs from children who died without getting parental consent, all in the name of […]

Ethics and Sales Do Mix

  Some people might say that ethics and sales do not mix well.  Sales people have seemingly always had a negative stigma.  From snake oil to used cars, history is full of examples of salespeople who put making money above doing what is right.  When this is done right, success is bound to follow. Lee […]

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