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U05 – A Climate of Crises

What if the climate and culture at your organization was one of chaos and crisis?   Organizational culture is defined by the underlying values that drive the behaviors within an organization (PSU, 2018, L13).  But, what if that culture revolves around periods of complete crises and chaos?  A crisis can be defined as a critical point […]

U02: When Revisions Never Come

I have been a certified medical assistant (CMA) for approximately eleven years now.  I currently work as an educator and program chair for the medical assistant program at a small college in North Carolina.  Each year, at orientation, I review the importance of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) with new students.  We discuss […]

U01: Substances and Studying

College students today face intense pressure, pressure to fit in, to maintain relationships, to make their parents proud, to succeed, etc.  Sometimes the pressure can be too much, and students turn to various vices and/or give into different temptations. Consider Marie, the nursing student who is taking a full course load while trying to work […]

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