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U05: Ethical Climate and Personal Decisions

“Ethical climates refer to those in which ethical standards and norms have been consistently, clearly, and persuasively communicated throughout the organization and embraced and enforced by organizational leaders in both word and example” (Hughes et al, 2015, p 173).   As an individual who has consistently jumped from job to job, the longest one lasting […]

U04: Personal Histories

I have been a part of many different companies with many different company policies.  Each of these policies have different ethical principles that they enforce.  Over the course of my experience I have learned that individuals within the organization I work for interpret these policies differently.  After reading about how personal histories play a role […]

U02: Core of Ethics

When looking at the all the different types of ethical code, you start to see a pattern of defining characteristics each outline and at the core of each is integrity and the respect for human rights and dignity.  The American Psychological Association (APA) made changes to their ethical code from 2002 to 2010 to address […]

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