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U5: The Marriage of Two Cultures

Culture can define a person. Their morals, values, customs, and even mannerisms can be heavily influenced by where a person is from, and what the societal norm was during that time.My mother is from a small village in Greece, and my father was born in Baltimore, and was brought up practicing Judaism.  This combination caused a […]

U4: Nature Versus Nurture

U4: Nature Versus Nurture Nature versus nurture is a common question when it comes those who are involved in bad, and typically unethical decision making. One may think that those who indulge in the lack of ethics, had a less-than-kind upbringing, and therefore turned out as a bad apple.  In some cases, this is true – […]

U2: Advice – To Give to Not to Give?

The topic of advice is a very tricky subject when it comes to the patient-doctor interaction; It is a common misconception that psychologists are there to give a patient advice.  When in reality a psychologist is there to listen and essentially steer said patient in the correct direction.  Psychologists must master the art of listening, to […]

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