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Communicating our Culture Dimensions during in an interview process might have helped us in finding new candidates

Early on in my career, approximately 20 years ago I would not have been able to accurately gauge what the organizational culture was for my overall company. However, from my point of view it was very clear to me what my departmental climate was compared to other departments I interacted with. We were relatively high […]

U02: PhRMA could use guidance from other organizations who support patients

If anyone knows anything about the pharmaceutical industry, they would certainly be aware that arguably the most notable controversy surrounding the industry is the price of their drugs. They are often accused of putting profits before cures and health (Quara, 2016). There are several reasonings behind this accusation; a popular one is: If they were […]

Unit 1: Is taking a consequentialism approach to ethical dilemmas – unethical? (Russell Cender)

In every example I have read comparing the different approaches of Normative Ethics, not once did I feel that the person or group who practiced any type of Teleology/consequential theory to address an ethical issue was really dealing with the struggles of a dilemma. In their view, it is simple math. Does the decision create […]

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