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Unit 05 – Groupthink: Is Your Organization’s Ethical Climate Desensitized to the Potential Benefits of Culture and Diversity in Decision-Making?

Ethics and Leadership Lecture reflects that multiculturalism can be beneficial for organizations as it has been shown to “increase diversity of ideas, which creates a broader range of solutions to issues, in turn increasing the likelihood that the best solution is found” (PSY-533, Lesson 12, 2017).  Yet, the average workplace environment is overloaded with mixed […]

Unit 04 – ‘Effects of Laissez-Faire Leadership on Staff Motivation and Work Ethics’

Closed doors, hands-off, outdated practices, leaders out of reach, and basically ‘leave well-enough alone’ and let things work themselves out… such leaders may very well be resigned on the job or simply preoccupied by their own self-interests and a leadership style that serves that purpose.  Subsequently, ‘Laissez-Faire Leadership Style’ might be the root cause of […]

Unit 02: Code of Ethics: When Social Media Becomes An Extension of the Workplace.

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to Snapchat and other forms of social media preceding them, as well as potential new ones in the making; increasingly so society is seeing how social media is revolutionizing communication, interaction, and modern-day interfacing on a personal and professional level for people, businesses, organizations, and institutions.  However, alongside the […]

Unit 01: Is Ethical Leadership Losing Salience within Organizations?

Retrieved from: Ethical Egoism, described in the article by Bonde et al. (2013) as “the ethics of self-interest,” involves the individual engaging self-serving actions “as to produce the greatest good him/herself” (p. 2).  This notion essentially parallels the idea of leaders being driven to actions and decisions that will create the greatest amount of […]

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