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Unit 04: Motivation to Lead; personality traits of Leaders

All leaders have different personalities and qualities and each are motivated by different things. Everyone has their own definition of leadership and individual goals and drive for leading others. So, what is it that’s makes a person want to lead others? Successful leaders receive accolades and praise whereas when things go wrong, it’s the leader […]

U02: A Business must and can police and hold their employees responsible for comments posted on social media?

Business owners understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation. Companies with strong positive reputations attract better people. They are perceived as being virtuous and they attract customers with similar values. Customers are loyal to businesses with which they feel a moral connection. In the case of larger corporations, a positive ethical reputation could mean […]

U01 Ethical Military Leadership

Thomas L. Carmo, US Army First Sergeant (retired) Leaders in our military play a crucial role in the lives of their subordinates. Early in every new leader’s development, they are taught about ethical decision making and modeling positive behavior. While some people may believe that ethical leadership is nothing more than a leader who acts […]

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