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U5- United Airlines Response to a Crisis

Preliminary Report Submitted by Airline Employees: “On Sunday, April 9, 2017, after a United flight was fully boarded, crew members advised the gate agents they did not have a seat. They first sought volunteers offering $1000 dollars in compensation, since no volunteers arise, the crew members approached a customer to indicate he was denied boarding, he […]

UO4: The Psychology of Cult Leaders

David Koresh was the leader of the destructive Branch Davidians cult. On 19 April 1993, he and seventy-nine of his followers, including kids, died after a fiftyone-day siege with the FBI near the town of Waco, Texas.This event, also known as the “Waco Siege” is a reminder of how a dangerous leader can gather followers and […]

U2: Cancer for profit

Dr. Gary Marder, dermatologist, from Port St. Lucile was wrongly diagnosing patients with skin cancer and having them undergo medically unnecessary radiation treatment, to charge insurance companies millions of dollars for the services (Moore, 2017). After several rounds of radiation, several of Dr. Marder’s patients went to see Dr. Ted Schieff for a second opinion. It didn’t […]

U01: Hillary Clinton Email Controversy

Subjectivisim is defined as the perception of the world through the individual’s eyes. On the other side objectivism argues that the world exists regardless of the individual (PSY533, 2017). The objectivist-subjectivist Meta – Ethics proposes the question: “What is moral truth? Can it be objectively known or is it entirely up to the perception of […]

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