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U05; It starts with leaders, but ends with self!

Leaders have critical responsibilities within organizations. Some key roles they play will directly determine the success or failure of organizational goals. Creating an ethical climate is one of those roles that leaders must not take lightly. As leaders, ethical decision-making waivers, so will the climate. Organizations do well in identifying their values and beliefs as […]

U04: Personality and Leadership

Leaders are born, not made! Leaders are made, not born! Which side of the debate do you fall on? The idea that leaders are born is not necessarily true. I have been exposed to military leadership for almost sixteen years now, and have been placed in various leadership positions for almost fourteen years. In that […]

U02; What is Ethical Decision Making?

To make ethical decisions, one must at least have a starting point as to what ethics is. Ethics can be defined by incorporating various values, morals and discussing the differences between right and wrong. However, how does one decide what is ethical and what is not? The American Psychological Association (APA) has established a code […]

U01: Leadership Requires Ethics Training

Leadership is something that a lot organizations focus on, and  we have seen the success organizations with great leadership can achieve. You can find multiple seminars, books, advisers, and even Master degrees on the topic of leadership because of the value it can bring, in particular at the work place. Ethics at the workplace, on […]

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