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Personality and Ethics

PSY533: L09 Other Personality   What role does personality play in ethical leadership decisions? Perhaps a better question to ask is; are we more likely to judge a leaders actions as ethical if we like that leaders personality? Clearly there are plenty of examples within politics of leaders actions being deemed ethical, or at a […]

When Ethics Codes Fail (Unit 2 Lesson 6)

A code of ethics, according to the lecture, is a standard of ethical behavior (Pennsylvania State University, 2016). While there are many different codes for many different organizations, the effective ones in my opinion have some mechanisms for enforcement. Without an enforcement mechanism, these codes of ethics simply become guidelines for the ethical members of […]

How not to win a District Wrestling Title. PSY533: L04 Cognitive and Developmental Approaches to Ethical Leadership

This past weekend was the district team championships for Pennsylvania high school wrestling. This highly competitive event matches up the best wrestling teams across the state in a single elimination tournament with the ultimate goal of being crowned State Champions.  The district 3 championships came down to Central Dauphin vs Cumberland Valley. Note: During the […]

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