Can We Trust Our Memories…

Memories are what we carry with us throughout our entire life. We have some that’s good and some that’s bad, but memories are what makes our life unforgettable. However, the question is how certain memories can actually be false memories. While reading the specific topic about false memory and the different designs that was used to show whether or not it is possible for us to actually implant memories. Well, from my perspective definitely, I feel memories can actually be implanted and can be changed as well. Reason being, a close friend of mines lives for the great memories that he creates throughout his life. However, being his friend for quite awhile, hearing different stories some that he didn’t necessarily partake in are memories that he has implanted as if he was there. This brought me to think back to lesson for the example with Carl and Jim.
So with that being said, I took him as my own experiment and actually began observing and did the same test that was used in the lesson. The results were basically identical and I found it to be hilarious. Although we have many memories together, there were some I knew we weren’t together for, which I used to my advantage. So one day, we were talking and I mentioned a specific time that he wasn’t there. Two days later he came back to me and stated he remembers. A week went by and I asked again and this time details were given. One thing I can say with this is that the same way a person can implant a memory is just as easily to change or even forget the memory in general. In this aspect, I can say memories can happen where you can simply forget. Those memories become strictly of what the stories that were being told to you. You begin to build a memory off the different versions of the stories from friends or family. Now the biggest question is can we really trust our memories. If it is possible to create your own using memories or stories that someone is telling you then how accurate can we really say we lived in our own memories.

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  1. Nicolette Randazzo

    When we learned about false memories, I was also questioning if everything that happened in my childhood was real or if my parents may have possibly altered it. Stories can some times be over exaggerated or just slightly altered. I found an interesting article on a hypnosis hypnotizing 5 women to recall events on a staged robbery. It is definitely an interesting read that makes you really wonder about what is really going on in our brains!

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  2. jks5571

    I love that you actually took the time to implement a little experiment. Anyways, I think we all have that same type of friend that over embellishes stories, and will add in outrageous details. That brings up the question, at least in my head. Is it actually a false memory? Or do they just crave the attention? I know, myself I have a habit of adding silly commentary to my stories. I usually always back-track and let people know, “I didn’t really say that, but I was SO close” or “that’s what I wanted to say anyways”. I feel like some people need that added drama, when people are shocked and ask if that really happened?! Of course, it did! Then they are forced to contend with that version of their story. Thus maybe due to their white lies they augment their real memories. Or maybe your friend has a noggin filled with amazing adventures and will have pleanty of great stories for future grand children 🙂

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