End of Semester Blues

As the semester comes to a close I must say that I feel like it has almost been a blur. I am not ready for the semester to come to a end because I feel like I am just getting the hang of the course. I guess sometimes by time we really get the hang of things our time is up. I feel like this course has been so challanging. While this course has had its difficulties it has had some very interesting lessons. I have learned a lot in this course, from how our memory works to how we learn our language. I really think this course would be good for others to take I would recommend it.

Some challenges I found with this course was really just the labs and the exams. It was hard but I feel like with a better handle of things I really could possibly ace this course. I really would like to get better with exams because rather it be this course or another one, I articulate well through writing papers but not so much with exams. I wonder if I will ever get the hang of exams but either way I am making it.

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