Trouble with testing

Wow!  Online learning is much more difficult than I ever imagined.  It is amazing the difference between sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture than it is reading about it yourself.  I have a very visual learning style and it seems that online learning would be perfect for that scenario, but as I recently discovered it is much different than I expected.

The tests were the most troublesome part of this class for me.  I have very little problems encoding information into long-term memory for certain subjects, but in other circumstances I have great difficulty.  I have a very mathematic mind and am very good at following steps and algorithms.  When there are many correct answers and you must choose the best I seem to have great difficulty.  Heuristics can be very helpful to me but I usually have trouble in determining the correct answer.  I like structure in my life and it is very difficult for me to choose the best among alternatives.

I greatly enjoyed completing coglabs in this class because when we answered the questions they have ambiguity.  I like being able to express myself as I see fit and that greatly helped throughout those lessons.  The reading and remembering information for the tests was extremely difficult for me.  I tried using techniques that we had learned such as state-dependent learning and the peg-word technique.  I had very little success when it came to the final and mid-term exams.  The quizzes were not as difficult because I am able to encode little bits of information into my long-term memory but when there were massive amounts of information that need to be processed I have trouble retrieving the information.

Throughout this course I have learned great deals of information and I wish that could have shown through my tests.  I have always had trouble with tests and this was no exception.  I wish that I could express better what I have learned, but one of the only ways in an on-line class to access that information is through tests.  I greatly enjoyed the material in this class and look forward to using it in my future endeavors.

One thought on “Trouble with testing

  1. Frances Anne Dizon

    Hi Jeffery,

    I also had trouble with the exams, and by reading some of the posts on here it looks like there are others who do too. The material seems simple enough when reading the notes and textbook but for some reason I had difficulty transferring the information into my long-term memory. I think I’m going to go back and re-read the LTM memory section and see what other things I can use and apply to my academic life so that I can do better on tests in the future. I am also a horrible tester so I mirror a lot of the feelings you do. Best of luck in the future!

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