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The Neural code for memory

The Neural code for memory

From chapter 2 the cognitive Neuroscience, we’ve learned that the basic concept about the neural code for memory. It is likely that the basic principle of distributed coding also operates for memory, with specific memories being represented by particular patterns of stored information that result in a particular pattern of nerve firing when we experience the memory.

It reminds me an interesting story about nerve and memory.

There was a new college coming to my friend’s company last summer.  His name is John who is an Asian American and can speak a little Chinese. After we had a short conversation in Chinese.

For some reason, it suddenly reminds me a  female friend I met when I was having a trip to China.  They had no common in appearance or background( as far as I know during the short conversation). How come my brain brings them together.

Until a few weeks ago, I heard John was flying back to China for celebrating the Chinese new year. I’ve been told his family is from Jiangsu Province in Chinese which is the same place I met my female friend Sherry. Then I finally figure out they had the same accent in Chinese.  Since John was born in America and his Chinese was taught by their parents.

It makes me think the neural code for memory does have specific patterns of stored information that result in a particular pattern of nerve firing. A smell, a sound, a taste can stimulate your nerve and memory.



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