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  1. Jana Lynn Burbage

    I agree that there are different ways of problem solving. when you have a reoccurring problem It does help when you look at others’ for answers to your problems. Because everyone’s problems are similar does not mean that they are exactly the same. The text book states that an ill-defined problem is part of everyday life, doesn’t not necessarily have a correct answer, and the solution is unclear. We could however look to others and ask others’ what they would do. Every situation is not the same. A solution that can fit one person’s life, can tarnish another’s. I sometimes deal with the same problems over and over, along with people’s opinions and advice, but it would not work for me or it is something I am not prepared to do. We deal with problem solving on a daily basis with all the choices throughout the day. for example, we can wonder what we want to drink and can’t figure it out, but seeing someone with a mountain dew can click in your brain that that is what you want too. There are small and big problems through life that will are tested with. Breakups, friendships, work, school, and so much more are decided all the time.
    Jana Burbage

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