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Assessment at the course level

How to choose?

  1. Points vs percentage
  2. Weighting – http://mason.gmu.edu/~ereid1/teachers/tchguidegradeweight.htm
  3. Alignment
  4. Grading scale


Consider your syllabi and the elements above.  How/why did you come to the assessment strategy you currently use?



Outcomes Assessment: An Introduction

From http://www2.yk.psu.edu/sites/scs15/teaching-learning-resources2/teaching-learning-topics-resources/assessment/

What are outcome assessments (OA) and how are they different from the everyday assessment instruments we use in our courses? To differentiate, switch the focus of the assessment, from what is going to be assessed (focus on content) to what students are going to be able to do as a result of instruction (focus on student performance with measurable, observable, documentable outcomes).

Outcomes assessments usually measure student progress in concrete terms . The purpose of OA is to assess to what degree students are leaving the course, program, or institution with the skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes stated in the objectives. In addition to the data gathered through typical course-level assessments such as exams (standardized as well as departmental), portfolios, projects, and research papers, outcome assessment instruments can also provide data through student surveys, focus groups, or interviews. Capstone courses and exit interviews are often used at the program level.

Accrediting organizations often require outcome assessment measures to be implemented at institutions of higher education in order to document student learning and growth for the purposes of maintaining accountability to stakeholder groups. Read more about Penn State’s assessment initiatives

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