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Although cheerleading shoes doesn’t seem very important, they play one of the most important roles in the life of a cheerleader. Without the proper cheerleading shoes, you will not be able to jump, tumble or stunt. Typically the more expensive the shoe is the better. There are all type of cheerleading shoes and brand. You can get shoes from anywhere, even places like Dick’s Sporting Goods. The different cheerleading brands include Nike, Asics and the most common cheerleading shoe brand is of course Varsity.

Throughout my high school cheerleading career, we never wore any type of Nike brand cheerleading shoes. The Nike brand is typically used only for sideline cheerleading, like the cheerleaders at football games, but they can be worn on basically any kind of surface. They are light, and clean off easily. The only problem I really have with them is that you can just buy a pair with lines to match your school colors. They have a pouch and different colored pieces that you have to slide inside the clear pouch. These are like the old fashioned cheerleading shoes and the pouches can be very annoying because they colored pieces tend to slide out a lot, making it very hard to maintain.

When I first started cheerleading in sixth grade till my second year of cheerleading varsity, in ninth grade, we wore these big shoes with thick bottoms and colored navy blue lines on the side that matched our school colors. The name brands of the shoes were Asics. These shoes were comfortable at the time and the most popular, but when you started to break them in, they started to become a tad bit annoying. They would stretch out almost a whole size, so your shoe would be super big and flopping around. This would make you have to continue to tighten your shoes strings all the time, which made the width of the shoe stretch out even more. This also made it hard to jump and for flyers, hard to stunt because your bases wouldn’t really have a good grip on shoe. At the time, we just had to deal with it because it was the newest shoes out and we had no other choice.

My third year cheerleading varsity, my 10th grade year, we switched shoes and got our first pair of varsity shoes. These shoes were so comfortable and they started to trend that year. The difference between these and they Asics were that the varsity shoes had a better grip, were tiny and skinnier, they didn’t stretch out as much and they were all white with no color. You could wear these shoes only on the football field; however we used them for competitions, which wore the bottom of our shoes out making it hard to grip the floor. My 11th grade year we got the most expensive and popular brand of varsity shoes, the infinities. We had the football shoe and the shoes made strictly for competition mats. These shoes are the best, have the best grip and they still are the most popular and my high school squad still currently uses them.

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