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  1. Mark-
    Your blog was well written and contained an incredibly poignant anecdote that really helps the reader to empathize with the anguish and frustration the father of the child must feel. Your passion is truly a noble cause. However, based on the text, I was unable to identify how you intend to work your passion for, “making the information accessible”, into a blog for several weeks. You have a great topic for your passion, but I would recommend you make it more clear next time how you are going to keep your audience invested in the subject week to week.
    As for recommendations, maybe you could keep a weekly blog on the updates in research and the new experiments being carried out to help doctors better understand autism. Or, should this not violate the patient-client relationship, you could keep a weekly blog of stories you hear from your mother while she has to face this unfortunate reality head on as her job.
    Well done,
    Matthew Hladik

    1. Hi Matthew
      I’m thinking about writing basic information about developmental disorders and all kinds of treatments they could do.
      Also, I’m really interested in the early symptoms for children that might help their parents set up some awareness. Furthermore, the relationships between parents and doctor have been considered as a complicated issue so that also might be a topic for me to talk about.
      Overall, thank you for your suggestions!
      Mark Ma

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