Your life isn’t just about get alone

Addario started the story with an “unexpected kiss with Uxval who had attracted Addario with his decisiveness, which naturally remained her about the conversation Nana, her grandmother. Nana loved Ernie, who was a good provider and gave her freedom and stayed her whole life with him but she had inside passion and heartfelt love with Sal who had no money but could satisfy her passion and her imagine about life. Because of that story that Nana told, Addario never wants to regret the kisses she missed, and kind of explained her crazy behaviors in her memoir.

Personally, I consider my passion deeply rooted in my heart. Even though my life turned into a flabby endless loop, your passion would still be readily combustible after a spark appeal, and then, the single spark starts the prairie fire. I have my own passion about charity since I learned the adage from my mom: “The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose,” and there is a good feeling a person gets when he or she does something positive for others.

However, people often identify nonprofit leadership with a “good feeling,” but the reality is more complex than that. Leading a charity taught me that worthwhile results occurred because I was flexible to change and adapt to other situations. Ultimately, my efforts depended on my goals, my organizational ability, and the maintaining to buy-in from my team of volunteers. Doing all this presented the organization with new challenges—it was hard to look at a list of names longer than we could manage and try to address large costs such as health care bills. When we rose to the challenge, however, we got an even greater reward: we had not only done a good deed but had overcome obstacles that were insurmountable for the families we assisted.




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